The Dalmore, Luminary No. 2

March 21, 2024
The Dalmore
Melodie Leung
Zaha Hadid Architects
V&A Dundee

The collaboration between The Dalmore and V&A Dundee marked a dynamic partnership that began in 2020 and has since blossomed into a celebration of creativity and philanthropy.

The Luminary Series is a visionary trilogy by The Dalmore that showcases the intersection of whisky expertise and architectural design brilliance. Following an exceptional collaboration with Kengo Kuma for Luminary No 1, the next celebrated Luminary to partner with The Dalmore was Melodie Leung of Zaha Hadid Architects. Together with Master distiller Gregg Glass, the pair embarked on a journey of creativity and innovation to design Luminary No. 2, The Collectible, a 16 year old single malt and The Rare, a 49 year old single malt. As is tradition with the Luminary series, The Rare decanter designed by the Architect and presented within a sculptural form.

Chorus Arts was engaged to deliver the launch event for The Dalmore Luminary No.2, working in collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects and V&A Dundee.

V&A Dundee, exterior, courtesy of Lost Clock Productions

The Evening

In the first full takeover of V&A Dundee, 250 guests including whisky, culture, lifestyle and architecture media from around the world were invited to experience Luminary No.2 and view the sculpture for the first time.

Within the overarching theme of ‘Flavour and Form’, The Chorus Arts team designed an experience that brought to life the fluidity and motion capturing the essence of the sculpture and The Dalmore's craftsmanship in tangible form. Taking inspiration from Leung’s design and the striking architecture of the museum, Chorus Arts created a journey where guests were free to explore The Tasting Ritual, The Cocktail Gallery and The Reveal.

Cocktails were sipped by guests lounging on ‘design classic’ architectural furniture. The Tasting Ritual, led by Craig Swindell, gave guests an opportunity to understand the depths and layers of the Luminary No. 2.

Local Dundee-based DJs Le Freak and Friends curated a soundtrack inspired by Melodie Leung’s influences of jazz, soft techno and minimal instrumental.

Styling by Angie Boustred, Art Director, Chorus Agency

The Sculpture

Conversations of roasted chestnuts, jazz and fluidity inspired the unique blend of whisky and the sculpture that encircles the decanter.

Layers of copper glass which unveil in a continuous folding, fluid cascade to depict the layers of aging and flavours as the whisky blends. The appearance is of a never-ending loop, with no start or end point.The subtle changes of colour within the glass cast rippling light effects throughout the reveal space.

Only one of The Rare 2024 Edition will ever be available to own, with a decanter and sculpture auctioned at Sotheby’s. All proceeds will be donated to V&A Dundee.

Sculpture designed by Melodie Leung, Zaha Hadid Architects

The Reveal

The sculpture and decanter of the Luminary No. 2 remained a closely guarded secret until the event. Curious guests were enticed into the reveal space by a commissioned soundscape, inspired by the sculpture, its organic, circular, clean lines, and the musical influences of Melodie Leung.

Architectural drapes of stark white fabric suspended from above created the reveal space in a statuesque circular form.

Ambers, warm whites and overlapping shadows drew people to explore the interior.

The lighting was designed to accompany and respond to the soundscape, fractal patterns spilled across the floor from the sculpture increasing in tempo, scale and intensity.

The Verdict

The event delivered a truly sensory and unexpected experience for whisky connoisseurs and collectors and an unparalleled union of art and spirits.

‘Thank you so much for all your wisdom, enthusiasm and expertise – and for pushing us to really go pretty far beyond where we have been comfortable before. You are without a doubt, the safe & trusted and equally maverick pairs of hands we’ve been needing for a long time and we are very grateful’.

Claire Clark, Global Brand Content & Partnerships Controller – The Dalmore
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March 21, 2024
The Dalmore, Luminary No. 2