Welcome to Chorus Arts

You’re here to be curious.
We like curious people.

We’re here to create new opportunities, to nurture UK based talent and to grow community through the facilitation of accessible public art interventions, Immersive installations, experiential events, and pioneering exhibitions.    

Our Community exists to elevate and galvanise UK based artists, showcasing an exciting network of talented creatives to global collaborators with the capacity and shared interest to deliver innovative art production.

Our Concepts are pioneering.  Conceived by leading creative practitioners, matched with unrivalled technical expertise, they are ready for activation, just tell us where and when.  

Our Collaborations are world class. With unparalleled experience of fine art, creative production and exhibition making, Chorus Arts is the perfect partner for the most ambitious creative venture.

The submissions for Chorus Artists have closed for this year.
Our 24/25 submissions will open in Summer 2024.

But! We still want to hear about you and your work. You can use the form below or reach out on LinkedIn or Instagram We're keen to grow the Chorus Arts Community year-round. The more we know about you and your practice, the more we can work to create opportunities that may be relevant to you.