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Chorus Arts specialises in public art interventions, innovative creative installations, exhibitions and pioneering art-led initiatives.

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Pioneering Commercial Collaborations

We curate dynamic connections between brands, institutions, and innovative creatives.

Committed to propelling forward contemporary art-led collaborations, we harness the transformative potential of art across diverse commercial landscapes. Through our partnerships, we produce unique creations that captivate audiences, challenge perceptions and ignite imaginations.

Intersection of Creative and Production

What distinguishes Chorus Arts is our proven ability to traverse creative and production.

With unparalleled expertise in navigating two industries that speak different languages, we expertly translate abstract creative concepts into reality.
We bring ground-breaking concepts to fruition with precision and excellence. Each project is a testament to both artistic vision and meticulous execution.

Innovative Public Art & Exhibitions

We are experts in transforming spaces into captivating realms of artistic expression.

We deliver thought-provoking responses to briefs, elevating the visual landscape while engaging communities. In our approach to exhibition making, we are committed to innovation, visionary curation and presentation. We meticulously craft exhibitions that offer a fresh, vibrant perspective on art-led narratives.

Public Art Interventions
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Chorus Arts is the ideal partner for public art interventions. We are dedicated to transforming communal spaces into captivating realms of artistic expression. Through thought-provoking responses to brief, our installations and interactive projects, enhance the visual landscape while engaging and enriching the community experience.

Innovative Creative Installations
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The emphasis on innovative creative installations sets Chorus Arts apart as a trailblazer in the artistic realm. By pushing the boundaries, being ambitious and leveraging a stellar network of expert production partners, we’re committed to the evolution of contemporary artistic expression. We captivate audiences with avant-garde creations that challenge perceptions and ignite imagination.

Exhibitions and Pioneering Initiatives
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Chorus Arts' involvement in exhibitions and pioneering art-led initiatives underscores a commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive cultural landscape. These initiatives elevate our collaborators and often serve as platforms for emerging and established artists to showcase their work, contributing to the cultural vibrancy of the regions they touch.

Intersection of Creative and Production
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What distinguishes Chorus Arts is its seamless navigation between the worlds of creativity and production. We have a unique ability to conceptualise ground-breaking ideas and to bring them to fruition with precision and excellence, ensuring that each project is a testament to both artistic vision and meticulous execution.

Commercial and Public Arenas
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Chorus Arts agility means we successfully operate within both commercial and public arenas. By transcending the boundaries between these domains, we articulate the transformative power of art in various contexts, from commercial spaces to public realms, leaving an indelible mark on diverse audiences.

Equity for Creative Practitioners
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Equity in the arts is a Chorus Arts core value. By actively championing the rights and opportunities of creative practitioners, our community initiatives foster an inclusive and supportive environment for artists. This dedication to fairness ensures that artistic talent, regardless of background or stage of practice, has the chance to flourish and contribute meaningfully to the cultural tapestry.

Celebrating UK-Based Creative Talent
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Chorus Arts takes pride in celebrating the exceptional range of creative talent currently based in the UK. Through its vibrant Artists programme and the annual 'Featured Artist' roster, selected by distinguished guest curators, the organisation provides a platform for emerging talent, contributing to the cultivation of a thriving and interconnected creative community. In essence, Chorus Arts stands as a beacon of innovation, equity, and celebration within the realm of public art and creative initiatives, leaving an indelible mark on both the artistic and cultural landscapes it engages with.

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Our values

Equity for creatives

We advocate for Artists, ensuring that our initiatives and collaborations cultivate an inclusive, supportive environment for all. We are committed to fairness and respect for artistic talent, regardless of background or stage of practice. We strive to ensure artists are empowered to make meaningful contributions to the cultural landscape.

Artist initiatives

We are dedicated to spotlighting the exceptional breadth and creative talent of artists currently practicing in the UK. Through our dynamic Artists programme and the annual selection of 'Featured Artists' by esteemed guest curators, we provide a platform for emerging talent, enriching and connecting the creative community.


We are committed to becoming climate neutral by 2030 and are an ‘Active’ Member of Gallery Climate Coalition. This means we are constantly assessing, reporting, and reducing our impact, setting targets in line with science and taking any actions we can. Our journey towards a more sustainable future is ongoing and we learn every day.

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A showcase of Art-led projects, interventions, and collaborations.

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The Exhibition

The exhibition is a collection of work by our Featured Artists 23/24 and our Concepts Artists.

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Our 24/25 Artists submissions will open in Summer 2024.

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