Bitesize Festival 2024

Celebrating Innovation and Diversity at Riverside’s BitesizeFestival: A Chorus Arts Perspective





·     The Bitesize Festival exemplified the arts scene's vibrant diversity and innovation, showcasing a wide range of performances that challenge and delight audiences.


·     Support for Emerging Talent: Chorus Arts is committed to nurturing emerging talent, and the festival's platform for new work and fresh voices aligns with our mission to amplify artistic expression.


·     Art as a Medium for Dialogue: The festival reinforced the power of the arts to foster dialogue, understanding, and empathy, reflecting on complex issues and emotions through creative exploration.




As we reflect on this year's Bitesize Festival, it's clear that Riverside Studios stands as a beacon of creativity, showcasing the vibrancy and diversity of the art scene. Chorus Arts, alongside our fellow members of the Chorus Creative Group, were honoured to participate as judges, immersing ourselves in the festival's rich tapestry of performances that spanned comedy, theatre, and more.


The Chorus Creative Group banded together 5 representatives to form a panel, whose mission it was to see at least 15 out of the 26 shows.Maria Katehis and Emma Stones of Chorus Arts were part of that panel and took great pride in creating a seamless system internally to make sure all feedback was generated and discussed fairly.


The festival's commitment to new work, fresh voices, and left-field perspectives was evident in every performance. Shows like"Dickless" and "A Chat with Adonai" not only entertained but also provoked thought and reflection, embodying the festival's spirit of innovation and inclusivity.


As a hub for artistic exploration, the Bitesize Festival aligns perfectly with Chorus Arts' mission to support and amplify emerging talent within the arts community. The range of performances, from the introspective "A Part of You" to the humorous and enlightening"Chick-in Show," highlighted the festival's ability to blend diverse artistic expressions with profound themes of identity, technology, and human connection.


The depth of human character, empathy, belonging and experience was top of the agenda which a range of performances pulling at the audience heart strings. The Moon Looks Delicious from Here stole the spotlight with a plethora of out of the box skills including magic tricks and miming to evoke a coming-of-age story embroiled in tragedy. The performance since bagged the Special Jury Prize.

"Being a part of Riverside Studios for the last 4 years has been wonderful for my career with the love and support that has been given to me. I was so excited to be heading the judging panel for this years Bitesize Festival and something important to me was to work with companies who are a part of this building. It was a no brainer to have Chorus Arts on the panel as for the support they have given me and the team here, the amazing advice and the lovely chats we would have at the desk. Chorus Arts are very much invested in up and coming talent here at Riverside Studios so they were the perfect fit to be a part of the judging panel".

Nadine Gray | Actor, Writer, Facilitator - Riverside Studios


Reflecting on the festival, it's clear that the arts remain a powerful medium for exploring complex issues and emotions. As judges, we were not only entertained but also challenged to consider the broader implications of the work presented. The Bitesize Festival serves as a reminder of the importance of the arts in fostering dialogue, understanding, empathy and to look at old and new societal issues to understand the impact the arts can make.


We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the participants for their ground-breaking work and to the Riverside Studios for curating such an impactful event. The Bitesize Festival is a testament to the dynamic and transformative power of the arts, and Chorus Arts is proud to have been a part of this celebration.


Congratulations to all the winners:


Winner, Best Show – Nearly Lear

Runner-Up, Best Show – Spider

Winner, Best Performance - Dickless

Runner-Up, Best Performance – A Part Of You

Winner, Best Writing – Broken

Runner-Up, Best Writing – A Chat With Adonai

Winner, Best Direction – Scenes With Boys

Winner, Best Stand-Up Show – All The Men Are Going To HateMe

Special Jury Prize – The Moon Looks Delicious From Here


As we look to the future, we're inspired by the talent and vision showcased at the festival. It reinforces our commitment to supporting as Patrons and we look forward to continuing to do so. Watch this space!



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March 22, 2023
Bitesize Festival 2024
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