The contrast of a global multinational community in London is reflected in all areas and boroughs of the city. In my work, I explore the urban environment and ‘found objects’ through photography.

Aleks Faust

As a conceptual street photographer, I work in series and explore colour matching, geometry, symmetry, and harmony, seeking composition and balance amid the chaos of megapolis. I never move or interact with the objects but capture them as they are left. Interestingly, it is often the last thing that comes to mind, as people discard objects in a beautiful yet unintentional way.

I discover such dumped items and apply a visual style, whether it is an urban cityscape, an abandoned chair, or a pile of rubbish. Questioning what I see and how I can perceive the same things differently, I showcase colour and colour spots intertwined with compositional and geometrical rules, leaving people to decide and layer meanings. By looking at the world differently, I intentionally collaborate with viewers' imaginations, pushing them to overdrive by examining my works.

Aleks Faust / 'Unidentified' series / 2022-2023

Aleks Faust / 'TENET' series / 2023

Aleks Faust / 'Unidentified' series / 2023

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